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Successful Partners

Driving Innovation

SureShaw believes in partnerships, not transactions. With this approach, SureShaw works tirelessly to ensure that you get the proper tools and strategies to meet your business needs. 

Be Sure with Shaw

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You Matter

Valued Client

Small businesses can get lost and mistreated by larger web development companies, here at SureShaw that will never be the case. No matter the package, you matter to SureShaw. We want to ensure that your goals are reached.  

Be Sure with Shaw

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Nothing is too hard 

Creative Synergy

We may know web development but you know your business the best. We have meetings, get exactly what you want and run with it. Studies have shown, having different professional backgrounds can help create unique and outstanding products.

Be Sure with Shaw

Meet the Team

They won't bite!

SureShaw was created by two driven professionals, Mathew and Morgan-Belle Shaw.

They are just like you, and because of that, they know how hard starting and creating a business can be. 

With SureShaw they are committed to creating partnerships that cater to your vision and want for your business. To SureShaw, no business is too small, every person's business and dream matters to SureShaw. 

Mathew Shaw

The first part of the team. Mathew handles all the technical and technology parts of the company. He will ensure that every part of your vision for the website is met. Mathew has worked in technology for over 6 years and has a degree in coding. Mathew helped found this company with the hope of helping people within small businesses enjoy creating their vision while also being able to spend time doing what they love with whom they love. 

Morgan-Belle Shaw

The second half of the team, Morgan-Belle handles all your marketing needs. She has studied and worked in Marketing development for over five years. She will work closely with you to ensure that the development of the website and marketing of your business stays true to your vision and brand.  

Our Story

Every website has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. Going online with your business should not be hard or stressful. The journey should be one that is exciting, fulfilling, and most of all, allows you to stay true to your vision. SureShaw started out because we saw how small businesses are often mistreated and treated less than compared to larger paying companies. This did not sit right with us, especially after we saw our own family treated like that when they wanted to start their online business. Our solution? To create SureShaw to help small businesses go online and flourish. 

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